The Paradox of Creation in New Media

As a new, new media scholar, I would like to focus on what intrigues me the most about new media, and what makes it successful. That is,  the different ways in which participatory culture happens. While contributions to new media have no guidelines, there seem to be two very distinct categories. I will spend my time explaining, depicting and comparing the traditional creator vs. the contemporary curator in an attempt to address what I will call the “paradox of creation” while asking, is there such a thing as new media creation?

If not, where lies the future of new media? Will the political argument of creation vs curation always exist? Will curation become the “norm” ?

First, I would like to provide my stance on each subject. For the very reason that I believe curation is a variation of creation I will define and label the topics as follows:

Traditional creation: “new” unexplored media that is not based off of another’s work in any way shape or form.

Contemporary curation: “new” previously explored media that has been shown in a different light, with a new message.

There are two further distinctions that can be made for contemporary curation. First, there is conscious curation where the curator is intentionally taking another’s work and making it their own (Girl talk). Second, is influential curation where past experiences are the reason for the curator’s work.

I will explore YouTube and create a curation of videos that show the paradox of creation.

The decision, does traditional creation exist, is ultimately left up for you to decide.

The Paradox of Creation in New Media

2 thoughts on “The Paradox of Creation in New Media

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s a cool idea that you bring up over how new media has created a “paradox of creation” and that it is really up to each individual to decide whether or not the traditional ideas of creation still exist. Girl Talk is a great focus for this kind of paper/presentation since he’s caused such a controversy. I also like the question of whether or not we’ll still be having this argument in years to come. Nice idea!


  2. I find this topic intriguing. I really like the question you posed over whether original ideas still exist. When you think about it, its hard to think of an example of an idea that is totally original, even Disney is constantly remixing original context. Very few of their ideas were original. This is a cool idea!


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