Social Media Round Up

I have to be honest, taking this course was not my idea, it was my advisor’s. I was all about taking computer science classes, and anything else seemed like a burden.  That was a very closed minded way of thinking. Looking back, it was and is my favorite class.

To me, this alone proves how much I have grown as a person.  I have learned that I can better myself and take something away from everything I experience.

Referring to my first blog assignment “THE SOCIAL NETWORK – “THE BREAK UP SCENE”, I learned that the media we watch, (videos, short films, commercials, movies, etc.,) has meaning in every single facet of it’s make up.

For example, when analyzing the break up scene, there was not one piece of it that was put there “just because”.  Every single little thing has a meaning, and observing that meaning gives us the desired perception of the work by it’s creator. If you watch something just one time, you did not pick up on every literary element that was used. I had to watch that scene several times, and I’m sure that there are still parts I haven’t fully understood or analyzed.

This experience opened my eyes to being a more well rounded student and critical thinker.  There is always more than meets the eye, at least at first.

In my “JENKINS ANALYSIS – WEB 2.0” blog post, I learned just how important it is to step back and always question what it is that I’m being told.

This class has changed my perception of new media. It showed me that in this new wave of technology and innovation, we the people have become part of a collaborative participatory culture, and we must carefully use this to our a advantage. Not only must we question the validity of what we are reading, but also who is coming from. This experience has allowed me to grow as a new media scholar, for I certainly wasn’t one before.

All in all, taking this course has left me less afraid to step outside of my comfort zone. Taking classes that are unrelated to my major has gone from being a pain to a desire. I know that I can get just as much out of any class I take, and EVERYBODY needs to come to that realization at some point or another.

After all, we all want to be jacks of all trades, right?

Social Media Round Up

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