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I had never given enough thought to realize that several of the things, ideas, and even people around us are nothing but spinoffs of something that once existed.  Typically, that something was successful, giving it reason to be emulated.

Who would’ve guessed Daft Punk is linked to Rapper’s Delight?  I certainly never considered Led Zeppelin a knockoff band, but their lack of uniqueness coupled with their copying of other works may lead one to believe so.

However, the limit on legal copying exists fairly high on the scale of plagiarism, simply because there are only so many ways to portray a point.  Consider that new generations will always have a new way of learning, and its imperative that they learn the same lessons prior generations did.

It is to no surprise to me that 74 out of the last 100 highest grossing films over the last 10 decades are sequels or based off a preexisting movie.  First, a story never has to end.  It could be told over a lifetime, not just a 3 hour segment.  It is for this reason that several movies can “piggy back” off one another, picking up where the other left off.

Plus, its important to consider this from a marketing standpoint.  There is more money in 10 movie productions than just one long one.

My best explanation for everything being a remix, is that the sample set that exists for us to chose from is not infinite, it is limited.  Think back to the first idea that was thought. It certainly didn’t have anything to do with the world we live in today, but it consisted of what DID exist.  Then, consider the second idea to be thought.  This thought was comprised of everything the first thought was, INCLUDING that first thought itself.  If you can imagine this, you’ll soon realize that the basis for every thought there on out was formed from everything before it, or at least bits and pieces.

Originality was once much easier to accomplish.  Now, with billions of people on the planet, it has become increasingly difficult to create a genuinely different concept.

But that won’t stop us from trying.


Blog Post 8

One thought on “Blog Post 8

  1. I really like how you acknowledge the amount of remakes that exist in our society, I also think it’s kind of funny how none of these things are considered “plagiarism” when really, it kind of is. What is it about the music and movie industry that makes it “okay” to use others or build off others ideas. You seem rather optimistic about the opportunities to create “original” stuff, unlike myself. I think that with what seems to be the lack of imagination or lack of content left to “create” it’s seemingly impossible to make completely new and original material.


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