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This is one of my favorite videos on YouTube.  I don’t know how anybody takes this guy seriously.

Rob Ford, the Mayor of Toronto, Canada, is in my eyes more of a stand up comedian than a leader. Talk about a guy who doesn’t have his act together.  If you have the time and patience, I encourage you to watch the entire video.  The things that come out of this man’s mouth will leave you questioning how do some people get into a position of power?  Beats me.



If you’ve never cut a pomegranate before, you can thank me the day you do. If you have, heres a better way.

There is no fun way to cut a pomegranate. But someways are certainly more efficient than others. This video provides the cleanest separation technique.  By cutting the top off the pomegranate, you can see where the main divisions are that exist.  Then, cutting down these divisions leaves you with perfect wedges of pomegranate, which are ready to be spooned out.



If you’ve seen this video before, I’m sure you feel my pain.  If you haven’t, you will.

This video is problematic in nearly every way.  The ONLY good thing I have to say is that it spreads awareness about the ignorance that exists in today’s world.  I am not making fun of anybody in this video, for I surely wouldn’t think critically if I wasn’t taught to.  Being able to analyze a situation for what its worth and effectively problem solve is a learned skill, that is fundamental in nature and imperative for success.

Post 6

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