YouTube has been around since February 14th, 2005, and has only grown since.

In their article, Jean Burgess and Joshua Green discuss YouTube as a social media.  If you were to ask me, YouTube definitely deserves its own categorization in social media.  Most social media, Twitter, Facebook, etc., have an element of real-time to them. In other words, YouTube is not necessarily a “live” social media platform.  For example, on Twitter people follow their feed to keep up on events not necessarily week to week, but minute by minute.

YouTube is to wine as Twitter is to steak.  Simply, wine gets better with age while steak goes bad quickly.

I think its safe to say that the average tweeter posts considerably more media per day than a youtuber.  Unlike YouTube, Twitter has a significantly higher percent of users who actively contribute to the media.  While in YouTube, you may have a quarter of its users contributing, while the rest utilize the site solely for exploring.

That being said, the ten things tweeted by Joe Smith aren’t likely to be as important or enlightening as a full video.  (I understand there will always exist great tweets and stupid videos, but I’m following more of a general correlation.)

Still to this day, I use YouTube as a means of learning.  More than anything else, ill use YouTube for tutorial help.  Whether its for help with my homework or learning how to fix something, ill usually find the answer to what I’m looking for.

On page 24, the authors discuss the two main categorizations when ranking videos and their creators. These are the infamous Most Viewed and Most Subscribed lists.

This distinction provides two classifications of popular YouTubers; whats hot now, and who posts the hottest things.  However, again unlike Twitter, which has live time trending categories; where you can see whats popular.  The Most Viewed list will tell you what videos have been watched the most, and the Most Subscribed will show you which users are posting the most popular media collectively.


2 thoughts on “YouTube

  1. I really like your comparison of Youtube to Twitter, it definitely shows the clear cut distinctions between what kind of “social media” youtube is vs. the kind of social media twitter and what most of our society considers social media to be. Showing the differences by giving examples of twitter “norms” and youtube “norms” simplifies and makes the difference between the two websites very clear. I’m glad someone did this also because although I understood what Burgess and Green were talking about it, the examples you gave made it more understandable and arguably relatable to many of the people in our class I would think.
    Overall I really liked reading your blog post and I found myself understanding the point you were making very easily, also I myself use Youtube all the time for tutorials and other things of that nature. I’m glad I’m not the only one who still does this!


  2. I really liked your interpretation and comparison of YouTube and Twitter to wine and steak! If you think about it hardly anyone goes back any further than a week to view their old Tweets, but people would go back months even years to view a YouTube video. Some videos never go bad!


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