Net Neutrality

Net neutrality– a phrase having zero meaning to me prior to this blog.

After reading the context and watching the video on Obama’s stance, I still found myself questioning (just a little) what is the point to this? How is my internet is limited? How does this effect me?

So I stumbled upon this video,

which offers a little more palatable insight on the subject.


Net neutrality is good, and something we must strive to maintain as a country. Net neutrality ensures users that they will never be stripped of basic web rights.

Such rights consist of large internet service providers (ISP’s) agreeing not to block any legal web content, throttle services, or provide any unfair “fast lanes”.

Loss of net neutrality could (potentially) be very lucrative for ISP companies! Just think, without net neutrality, businesses could pay ISP’s a x amount of dollars to have their internet services provided at a faster rate than their competition. This, however, would prove to be hazardous. The biggest companies would own rights to the fastest services, leaving our internet experience very limited.

Net neutrality is what allows us to freely explore websites such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., with ease and convenience. Currently, ISP’s have very little, if any, control over our viewing habits. One instance of limitation exists within cell providers.  Almost all data plans are regulated in pricing brackets.  Perhaps if the President can persuade the FCC to reclassify internet service under title two of the Telecommunications Act, our internet experiences will remain free, and equal for all, always.

[Learn more about American internet usage here]





Net Neutrality

3 thoughts on “Net Neutrality

  1. Cody, I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who wasn’t sure what any of this had to do with me. As I mentioned in my blog post, I literally had no idea what net neutrality was before this blog assignment. I agree that net neutrality is a good thing. Without it, the ISP would have an unfair advantage over us consumers, thus leading to more money in their pockets. I feel like this a topic that should be discussed more because it’s very relevant to our present day and future society. The internet is a big part of the world, between leisure time pleasure and learning. So, if they took away net neutrality, I feel the internet as we know it would collapse and we, a whole, would be literally screwed. On another note, I liked the video you provided. It had a lot of interesting and insightful information, especially for someone like myself who has limited knowledge on the subject.


  2. I also had no idea what net neutrality was. When I began doing this assignment i watched Obama’s video first and was still left very confused about what exactly it was. I couldn’t figure out how big this issue was that we needed Obama to address the situation. Now that i know what it is i’m glad that he did. it is actually pretty scary that ISP companies can have so much control over the Internet which seems to be much bigger than they are. This is defiantly something that more people need to be knowledgeable about since in the long run it could potentially effect every one in the United States.


  3. Yes! Finally someone explains it in a way I can understand! Websites like Tumblr are always pressuring me to fight against net Neutrality. In all honesty, I felt pretty neutral about the subject before this blog post, and I’ve only really understood it after reading yours. It is actually really terrifying, to think that the internet will be dictated. I’m so used to having all the information and content I want at my finger tips, I took it for granted. Everyone has. Its not just some problem we can sweep under the rug, let some old guys in government decided like most politics. In the long run, this can have a huge impact on us all.


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